It is a commandment in our religion for us that we must give donations to the poor people of our society. Rich people must give some part of their money to the poor and needy people in their surroundings. Being a responsible nation it is our duty that we must find the needy people around and then try to help them by giving them some money or helping them in some other way. Lower class is also very significant in our society. It is actually the backbone of our society. Working class is very important for the continuity of almost all the affairs of society. But it is also a fact that this important working class mainly consists of poor people. These poor and needy people must be helped in some or other way. The money must be taken from the rich and upper class of our society and it should be given to the poor class so that the poor and the needy people can also enjoy the basic needs of life. Donations are a source of giving the rights of enjoying life to the poor people. Donations provide the needy and the poor opportunity to live in a better environment. They can use the money given to them by the rich class of their society in various ways. Donations enable the poor people somehow to improve their standards of living. If the donation do not improve their way of living, then it at least make them live in a better way than they were living before. Donations are very significant in a successful society. They are also very important for the development of any society. Because a society is made up of rich and poor people and if the poor class of any society is helped financially, it will have a positive impact on the society. Allah Almighty has given us the commandment of giving donations to the needy. Helping others also gives us the personal satisfaction. Donations are just like the pillars of a building that give support to the building. As the pillars do, the donations support the overall system of our society. They help the poor and needy people of our society, who play a very important and constructive role in the development of our society. When the financial condition of the lower class of a society becomes better, it will ultimately affects the progress of the society positively. Giving a very little part from the wealth of the rich class of a society to the poor class plays a positive role in the development of that society. Further more can be said on this topic, but the conclusion will be the same that donations and financial help of the poor people has a constructive role in any society.

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